Welcome to The Barn at Sparrow Creek Ranch, a family gathering place we share with a few lucky couples every year. 


Kevin Fullerton bought the land for his wife Linda's birthday in 2006 as a place to retire one day and gather with family as their daughters moved off to college. It was a family gathering place for bonfires and holidays for several years. When their oldest daughter, Kalli, got engaged to her college sweetheart the land quickly became the center of discussion for holding the wedding. With very few local event spaces that represented their rustic but elegant athletic, the Fullertons started to think through the options. 

Kevin works in the salvage and repurposing business and Linda is a lifelong antique collector. Together, their vision created the industrial, vintage, rustic but elegant space that is now The Barn at Sparrow Creek Ranch. The family and friends went to work building the Barn in winter of 2011 for the first SCR wedding in May 2012. 

The Barn is constructed using re-purposed materials from Kevin's salvage work giving it a truly unique look and design. The outside tin was originally a part of a very old barn that was being torn down, in addition to time from the roof of the high school gym that was replaced. The wood has been repurposed from barns, homes, and industrial areas all over north Texas and keep an eye out for the very cool beams that were repurposed from an old bridge. The doors, lighting, bathroom elements and everything else besides the concrete floor is repurposed material giving the entire barn a feeling of history and rustic elegance. Of course, the more than a dozen antique chandeliers throughout the barn bring this all to life! 

Without everyone’s commitment, this would not have been possible. I have never seen a family work so hard for a wedding; the entire family and many friends (extended family) were here clearing land, building structures, and sweeping the floors up until the day before the first wedding. 


After Kalli's wedding people started asking about renting it for other weddings! Originally, the barn was going to be turned into... well, a barn for storage and muscle cars after Kalli's wedding.  So, we were all surprised by these requests to rent the Barn. After letting a few family members use SCR we decided to start renting it out. For the first few years, we were purely word of mouth and locally based. Now, SCR hosts couples from all over the state and even from across the country with several out-of-state weddings a year! 


We do all the managing and building as a family. Consequently, SCR is unique and spectacular but slower and not as large scale as other venues. If hand-built, repurposed and family-centered are your cup of tea SCR is calling your name! 


We are in the process of finalizing our back porch, grand room, kitchen, and other improvements which we hope will be completed by 2020. Check our Facebook & Instagram for updates! 


SCR is a venue for those looking to honor the Lord with a Christ-centered ceremony and Gospel-filled life. 

We are honored to have been serving our community & hosting Christ-Centered Celebrations since 2012!

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