Bridal Portraits: Dos & Don'ts

August 20, 2016

You know what you like. You know your style. So be proactive!I knew I wanted to have my pictures outside. Yes, you can ask your photographer about places they like or recommend, but get out there and find that perfect tree you are looking for or dirt road yourself. There is no reason you can’t dictate where you want your pictures taken.



With that in mind, have the same mind set for your “props.” Regardless, if you think props are clique or not, you are going to want something in the picture besides you and a wall. So even if that is a beautiful home for a back drop seek it out.



For me I wanted statement furniture, I already told you about how my mom and I found and recreated our yellow sofa, but that was only the beginning. I you have to be time effective, so I found those statement pieces (borrowed and created) and then decided where I wanted my pictures. I then placed all these pieces of furniture in a relatively close group around a beautiful tree THE AFTERNOON OF MY SHOOT! Yes, my mom, sister, dad, and I spend the afternoon putting all the props where we wanted them so that we would not have to mess with that during the shoot time. {that include hanging the chandeliers, whoo it was a long day}












My philosophy here was the same with the sofa, go big or go home. Why not have three statement pieces of furniture? Why not hang the chandeliers from my mom’s house in the trees? If you take the time to create the setup that speaks to who you are, you are going to love your photos! So plan, and prepare. Do not rely on your photographer to bring all your props and tell you where you are going to take all your pictures. Of course they are great at placement and have great ideas so take them into consideration early and incorporate them or go totally on your own!


Two areas of advice, for both bridals and wedding reception photos I had a few pictures that had been manipulated by using a certain camera lends. Most people love this blurry effect, but I would have preferred to have the photos clear and then to use a process afterward to enhance and change the pictures if I wanted. If you love it, or don’t care great!



But if you want to avoid having your favorite bridals be blurred, speak now, or forever hold your peace! Using a lends like this doesn't allow to go back but of course you can use all the editing tools you want after if you buy the CD yourself, so I would go safe and let your photographer know not to use altering lenses.




I.E. (Right) Promise the framer's tan is just the blurred effect, so wish this 'effect' hadn't been applied. 













(Left) Love this too, but wish you could see the details in the dress. 


Secondly, make sure to specify the dimensions you want your photos! This seems odd, but having amazing pictures is only the first step, you then need to find frames for them. The majority of my photos are tall and skinny so I only have ONE FRAMED because it had to be custom, ie very expensive. 


Of course I have others in places without frames but it would be nice to not have to cut them to fit frames. So ask that your photos be in the standard photo sizes so that you can easily frame all your beautiful pictures! 







Then just have fun & be fierce! 

(All photos taken at SCR) 






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