Wedding Day Make-Up Musts!

August 20, 2016


I completely understood when Kate Middleton mentioned she would be doing her own makeup for her wedding because she wanted Will to recognize her. I also chose to do my own makeup on my wedding day and there are a few products and tips that got me through the photos, ceremony, and reception without the fear of smudges or vanishing acts. These tips and products are focused on every bride’s most important makeup requirement: long wear!



Preparation is Key!  



I love having long full lashes and for several months before the wedding I started using LiLash. It is truly remarkable, you will wake up one day and your eyelashes will look like beautiful Mini Mouse lashes. Last summer I was sucked into getting eyelash extension, and I can tell you, this is a much better result for your wallet and your eyelashes. The lash extensions are expensive, take at least an hour to filled, and if you decided to stop getting them you have a period when you have to let your real lashes grow back (for me this was brutal).  On the other hand, LiLash is at home, takes no time and will give you great lashes for a year at the price of three weeks with lash extensions. Start at least four months before you wedding! 



The one product I cannot live without is my eyelash curler. Unfortunately my natural lashes have zero curl and actually point downward. At a very early age I started using an eyelash curler, but the key to getting it to stay is to heat it up with the blow dryer for 20 seconds. This is a fairly well know tip, but the next step is crucial to getting those long lashes to stay in place and especially on your wedding day to prevent smudging – water proof mascara. I always put on two quick coats of waterproof mascara right after I curl my eyelashes to ensure they stay curled and looking fabulous all day long. I prefer Merle Normal waterproof mascara, I can’t find one I like better. Do not miss this step on your special day!




Lid Prep



Most people don’t do their eyelash rituals until after they apply their eye shadow, but I do the steps previously mentioned (curl then apply waterproof mascara) before I do anything on my eyelids. Then I wipe on a crème lip prep from Clinique (lid smoothie) to keep my eye shadow in place all day. Without this step I get creases of shadow that ruins the whole effect. 



This crème also helps me in my next and somewhat usual makeup application. I do not use eye shadow brushes. Never have. I've always felt like my friends are continually buying eye shadow. On the other hand, I only buy eye shadow every couple of years, seriously! I believe it's because using my finger tip I get twice the pigment out of the same amount of eye shadow others apply using a brush. I am always frustrated with the lack of placement, shadow residue on my nose and cheeks, and the amount of re-application needed when I try to fiddle with an eye shadow brush. Try it out, but the crème is a must for me because it makes the shadow go on smooth and easy to blend with my finger.







Long Wear Liner


Once my shadow is in place I reach for my favorite eye liner of all time: Stila stay all day, waterproof liquid eye liner! Not worrying about your makeup running, if you are a presumed teary eyed bride, is priceless. I cried down the aisle and I never once worried if my mascara or liner was running. This liquid liner is just like a pen with a long felt tip making it the perfect tool for all the women who favor the wingtip/cat eye look, like me. Even if that is not your style you will love the quick whip across the top of the lid that will not budge the rest of the day.



I get a little picky on my eye liner process, and it takes three different types of application for me to be happy. I start with the Stila liner on my top lids coming to a small wing. I then apply black powder with a brush to the inside of both top and bottom lids. Taking the remaining residue of black powder, I smudge both my bottom lashes and up into my wing tips for a little more smoky/less stark line.



After my entire eye makeup is done then I apply the final coats of lengthening mascara with care to not get it on my lids, and done! No runs or smudges here!











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