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September 4, 2016


One of the repetitive comments I heard from the ladies zipping up the dress was, “it’s like a man, there are lots of great one’s but there is only ONE!” And that is so true! Unlike, most brides to be I did not find the perfect dress the first time I went dress shopping, most find their dress in the first two stores. Even though I had drug my mom, sister, and best friend to four stores I still had not found the dress tempting me in my dreams. So, I struck out on my own (feeling bad for dragging everyone with me so many times) and went to all the other Bridal Stores in DFW I could find. In total I visited 12 stores, not a joke. Some of them are not worth mentioning, but I am going to give you my perspective on the top 8 Bridal Salons in DFW from 2012 // so I'm sure things have changed! 




Bliss in Fort Worth 


This small bridal salon meets the most important criteria in my book: options. Walking into this adorable store you will feel like a real bride on the search for your perfect dress. That is until a consultant makes contact, after which your experience is ruined. I was truly excited walking down the hall looking at the beautiful dresses, nice variety, and good prices, giving me a hopefully “this might be it” feeling. That quickly faded as I was rushed away and given a lecture on how to 1) follow the consultant around the store, 2) not touch ANYTHING, 3) stay only in the designated area, and 4) do not lean over the non-employee area in which all the belts and accessories are located (thus, bring binoculars). I actually found my dress here, but even standing on the pedestal, and feeling relief after three months of searching, I could not express my true happiness because I felt so awkward.


This salon has everything going for it, except the strange “please do not breath” attitude vividly expressed. Honestly, I found two of my favorite gowns here but had my sister write down the information so that I could try them on in a more pleasant and joyful atmosphere somewhere else. Therefore, visit and more than likely fall in love with a dress but keep your happiness jarred up, and leave your feelings at the door. 



Brides Room in Fort Worth


This sweet little salon is beautiful and will make you feel like a “true bride.” This may seem like a given, but as I was shocked to find out most bridal salons are not the fairytale, whimsical places filled with fluff and champagne. While the dress selection is very small, and I mean small, they are all very different. I didn’t stay to try them on, as they were out of my price range but it was a pleasant trip.     

LuLus in Dallas 


This store is lacking in what the other two have, ambiance, but do not judge a book by its cover. This store is full of dresses at great prices.  When you walk into the Victorian looking house you may be shy to the un-glitzy façade, but remember you are here to find a dress not take in the atmosphere. You will be given clips of all the same color that you pin to the dresses you want to try on. Even though the process is a little less “formal” I appreciated the ability to take my time and look without a consultant over my shoulder. 


The service was fantastic and I felt like I was having an intimate time with my mom, sister, and best friend instead of the typical room full of brides and their entourages. I had an almost “this is it” moment with one of the first dresses I tried on here. It was incredible and I still love it, but I tried it on towards the end of my search one more time and wow; what you want in the beginning can change so keep an open mind. 


I would try this store at the beginning of your search as a good jumping off place to try on a variety of dresses, get the feel of the processes, and even have a good chance at finding the one!


Ocones in Fort Worth


Without question this store has the largest selection of dresses. I found every dress that was already in my “possibilities pile” here and a few more to toss in. The store is clean and well laid out, but there are not enough consultants, thus, you will probably find yourself waiting. Once you have your first dress on and take a step outside the dressing room you will have an audience. This may be part of the fun for some, but I was always more comfortable when it was just my family looking on. In all, this is a good stop because of the huge number of dresses, and great dresses, but the atmosphere is not ideal. This is a great place to start like LuLu’s, but with a larger dress variety so that you will be able to try on any dress, of any style, at most prices.  Plan on a long visit! 


Star Dust in Dallas


Thankfully, there is a salon where both those looking for the perfect dress without a budget and those more price conscious can come together and enjoy the same type of service, excitement, and feel special. You will feel like you are the most beautiful and precious person to have ever walked through the doors when you visit, regardless of which level you spend your time in. The top floor at Star Dust is luxurious and the dresses sparkle and dance with temptation. For most of my time I was downstairs in the smaller section. The prices are lower but the service stays the same, and the dresses are still breathtaking. While the quality is supreme the quantity is more limited on this floor. I had a wonderful time here, but I had a very specific look in mind and could not find it here. This is a must stop for every bride even if it is just to quench your thirst for an extraordinary day.


De ma fille in Fort Worth 


Even though it feels small the content inside this salon is wonderful. Everything from ball gowns to modern silhouettes are here. Elegant and whimsical are words I would use to describe this adorable salon. The new owner is a doll and very helpful. At the time, I thought I had found the dress (thankfully I was being very cautions and taking my time to make sure) when I tried the dress on for the second time at De ma fille the owner worked with me to make the price work. I ended up finding THE DRESS the next weekend, but appreciate the willingness to help a bride in need. The jewelry and accessories are also fantastic and unique. I loved my experience at this salon and wish I could go back! 


Mocking Bird Bridal in Dallas


Again, do not judge a book by its cover. This salon is in a small strip mall and will not be up to the typical bride’s vision of the perfect salon. Once you start to assess the dresses, however, you will be delighted. Priding itself of designer gowns at a discount, Mocking Bird Bridal, was a great stop for me. The dress I almost walked away with (several times) I found here and one other place; the price was $2,000 less at Mocking Bird. The service was nice and I never felt pushed like I did at other places. I was here two times and neither trip was the salon over run by brides, so I felt relaxed and calm. I always felt like an imposition at the salons with dozens of brides and here you are the center of attention. 


The room to the left is where you should start, these dresses are fantastic! This salon received four starts, as a result of the above average selection of dresses, prices hard to believe, and the atmosphere while lacking in luster is calm and not frazzled. This would be a great second or third stop to compare prices and find those impressive designer gowns you may have been shying away from previously. 


Bridal Boutique in Lewisville


Welcome to Bridal heaven. The instant you walk into this salon you will say to yourself, “I knew this place existed!” The dresses are hanging beautifully and not crammed, the pedestals are full of brides glowing with happiness, but what will be the most exciting moment is when you are paired with a consultant who is there to make you happy and not push you. Wynn was the sweetest women, and helped me through what was for me a terribly difficult process. I had this image in my head I could not shake no matter how hard other salons tried to push their wonderful, yet not perfect, gowns on me. I had found three gowns that at different times I was moments from say “yes” to. Whoo, thankfully that did not happen! Here it was the opposite, I was helped not matter how inconveniently or tirelessly tell I found the perfect dress. 


This is the most beautiful salon with a boutique feel even though the dress selection is the best of any of the salons pre-mentioned.  Not only is this salon a dream for any bride the benefits of buying your dress here are also advantageous. While I would double check when you are there, for me my dress came with two free steams, there wasn’t an extra charge for alterations besides what the seamstress charges (like most salons will add), and a few other extras that made the process so much easier. 


Without question this was the most amazing salon I visited, from everything to dresses, atmosphere, service, benefits, experience, and overall joy I felt when I was there. This is the only salon of the dozen I explored worthy of five stars. I hope you have as wonderful of a time here as I did. Just remember, he was out there and so is the dress of your dreams. No matter how long it takes do not settle! My perfect dress was out there and I am so glad I did not go with the other dresses everyone else loved but I knew was the THE DRESS! 

















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