Grand Room in the Making

October 24, 2017

 We needed a cool source of wood to build the Grand Room floor with. Because, let's face it everything we build has to be unique and repurposed--we're reuse addicts. Thankfully, we got a call about some out-of-service Rail Road Cars, that need to be cut up and dismantled. Dad, Kevin, rounds up the crew and get's to work. 


These Rail Cars have some awesome twelve-by-two inch thick tongue and grove planks on the inside. So after cutting the cars all apart we removed the planks. 

 With these beautiful planks at hand, we needed a sub-floor structure to hold them up. Dad is starting to admit he has symptom's of possible hoarding -- but as a result -- about 15 years ago he was able to get ahold of a bunch of warehouse racking, a bunch. Fast forward today, and this stuff is making a fine sub-floor for the Grand Room! 






Once we got the racking down as the support it was time to lay the planks. Then someone said, "I've got an idea let's put the screws in from underneath so they don't show!" "OK!" 






Who said, "Let's put the screws in from underneath?" That ended up being a lot of screws. 

It was worth it though! 
















After all the planks are down the buffing and treatment will follow.

It's going to be stunning!









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