Are you looking for a stress-free venue where you can get everything just the way you want? Then yall are our people. We give you Friday starting at 9 am to spend the whole day decorating and transforming the Barn into whatever your vision is. Then Saturday you can start getting ready as early as you want in our bridal room and your vendors can come in and not be rushed either.  Your rentals end at 10 am on Sunday so everyone can go home after the reception and come back the next day to gather all your things and clean up (or have us do it). 

This is how we've always done it because we can't imagine doing it any other way. How are you supposed to take a breath when you have a 10 hour or even 12-hour rental? We don't know, so we give you as much time as possible. 

Plus we love helping our couples navigate the planning process. We are here as your regional experts for all your wedding-related needs from lodging, vendors, directions, timelines, you name it. We may tend to be on the overly-helpful side and provide you as many tools, tips, and advice as we can before you even ask for it. 

The Nitty Gritty: 


The Barn is open-air with three oversized big front doors, men’s, women’s, and handicap bathrooms (all three AC/heat controlled), and a bridal suite with a private full bathroom. The central Barn area for receptions/ceremonies is 60 ft by 80 ft, and the central area under the chandeliers is 30x46’ – a typical dance floor for 200 guests is 16x20’ so rest assure there is more than enough room for a large dance floor, band, catering, etc. It’s up to you. You can also use the large front patio to host a cocktail hour, games, lounge, photo booths, food trucks, and more.

We are located 1.5 hours from Fort Worth and 3.5 hours from Midland making us a perfect meeting point in the middle. There are half a dozen excellent resorts and local hotels all within 5-20 minutes from SCR. Namely the Wildcatter Ranch next door and all the resorts at PK Lake in our backyard. We regularly host large 400 guest weddings as well as intimate ~75 guest weddings. 

The main barn is cooled with two 7000 CFM Air Coolers | Bridal Room & Bathrooms are A/C & Heat controlled |

400 Guest Max | BYOB | Open Vendor Policy | 3 Day Wedding Rentals | Food Must be Catered 

You have four ceremony options: 1) “The Grove” directly in front of the Barn, the 2) “Hill Top” across the road and to the left on the small hillside,  3) inside the Barn, and lately, 4) with the Barn as the background. We don't mow the pastures for the benefit of wildlife, wildflowers, and soil conservation. 

With our open vendor policy, you are free to choose your vendors and we also welcome you to use the services of friends and family with the exception of hired TABC certified bartenders and licensed caterers which are required. We have a list of regional and local vendors who are excited to customize packages for you. This list is carefully curated with only 5-Star SCR vendors our couples love. We are also a pet-friendly venue with no kennel rules; they are guests of honor!

Our Three-Day Weekend Rental provides a laid back, take your time and customizable experience that is unparalleled. Our other packages are likewise longer than most with ample time for setup and cleanup. 

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